About inHim Photography

Established by Zoe and Kenny. We have common religious and photography concept esp in pinhole photography which is very unique. We understand that innovation is much more important than any technique.

Our service scope includes different kinds of photo shooting and graphic design for instance, pre wedding, family and portrait, event, product and wedding photos etc.

Zoe Ho | Photographer / Art Director

Wedding/Family and Portrait/Graphics and Website Design

Zoe was once a full time designer and interested in pinhole photography. She thinks that camera is only a tool but the soul of the photo is the concept and interaction. Her photography style is based on the above belief. The only way to capture the emotion from client is to communicate and interact with him. A normal photo can then be a story and interact with the audience.Believes photography is compromised by artisitc sense and light and presented by heart.Motto from Photogapher Diane Arbus: “I am a photographer not a female photographer”.



About inHim Photography