Eva & Roy – Wedding Day

Eva is a decent girl, and lots of smiles in her wedding! we don’t have much of worries about photos and video as they are so natural high themselves, and we can’t imagine that our groom Roy is a master of Kung Fu! Ha! Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography Videographer: Wallace Jim @ inHim Photography  

Emily & Jerry – Pre Wedding

We met jerry at previous wedding when he is my client’s groomsmen, a special thing is, he and emily also are my husband’s chruchmate, I have joined their cell group after the shooting, so that’s why we can shooting like a friend! Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography

Karen & Stephen – Pre Wedding

I would love to capture a natural moment in Pre wedding photo, just stand there, look at each other, finish! Karen & Stephen are really love to do that as they didn’t like to do many fake pose, so they find me to help them shooting with their pre wedding, enjoy! Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography

Ahman & Edward – WEDDING DAY

Our team was lucky that we can work with a special couples Ahman & Edward, they fall in love in airport with funny reason, just like a movie when I heard that first time! Edward came from US and didn’t know how Hong Kong style wedding are, but he was so enjoy in HK rushing wedding (as we knew that US only 4-6 hours to finish wedding, but in HK, 14 hours are at least…) , and they gave us a superb posting when we shooting! Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography

Lovely Childhood

童年,總是帶著無限的純真和快樂。 There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again. — Elizabeth Lawrence