Wendy & Gary – MATERNITY

Wendy & Gary, they always support inHim team and love our natural style, I have captured their family from maternity, newborn, childhood and now, let’s share their Maternity photos first!   

Rita & Kenny – Pre Wedding

Rita & Kenny, our best friends and partners have some special idea for their Pre-Wedding photos, although the shooting was very exhausting, but we have a lot of fun in shooting! Enjoy!  

HK Soccer Sevens

We are glad to be Ajax football team’s photographer at HK Soccer Sevens 2013! During the soccer game, we have some nice shots to share with you!

Happy Family!!

    影家庭照的最大樂趣,莫過於能在工作中小朋友快樂,或許我不是那種要你擺出那種姿勢拍照的攝影師,我相信自然永遠是最能表達各人最真實的性格和情感。 by Zoe

Wedding Big Day – Nicole & Gugo

婚禮一天就像是要打一天的仗,甚麼都要趕著去下一步驟似的;Nicole和Gugo的婚禮卻給我一種很能夠享受婚禮的感覺,沒有多餘的流程,令時間變得非常充裕,一對新人及兄弟姐妹門都能投入整個婚禮當中!   當然,新郎和新娘的樂天性格是令這天過得快樂的重要原素!      

Lovely Childhood

童年,總是帶著無限的純真和快樂。 There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again. — Elizabeth Lawrence