Zoe & Roland – Newborn

Menorah, a nice a fatty baby who always make a funny post. she’s born within 3 weeks but her size like a 2 months baby, can’t imagine that how big she will grow hah! a special things about Menorah is, she’s always looking the camera when you trying to say “smile!”.

Wun & Danny – Pre Wedding

Wun & Danny, who can match with my style so much! they told me they wanna back to their own school and where they dated before when I have first meeting with them and sharing what they thought about the pre-wedding photos, they really do love the style which can telling the true of their love story, so please enjoy the final results: Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography

Jennifer & Ricky – Pre Wedding

Jennifer & Ricky, they have so many crazy idea then I ever met before :P. Jennifer told me that she was living in Sham Shui Po before and wanna go back to take pre wedding photos, such a GREAT IDEA and I can feel that they alway like laugh and positive! you gave me so many power, love your photos so much!! Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography Assistant: Gary @ inHim Photography MUA: JoeyKaka’s Makeup

Zoe & Fai – Wedding Invitation design – Letterpress – diy

I’m so happy to telling you that I’m getting married!!! I always thinking about the design of my own wedding when I have shooting in clients wedding, so I’ve started to do research 2 months ago… I’m a photographer and my fiancé is a Stage Sound Technician by profession, so I’ve use a camera and headphone icon for the theme. I have use letterpress for printing, then I tried to put some elements that can feel the paper texture and how lettpress is, I love it so much when I get the output home!! Finally, I have made a name tag with rope, the design …

Christy & Nick – WEDDING DAY

  A surprise wedding shooting on Christy and Nick’s big day, from elegant to playful and crazy 😛 We can put more effort for play with them and enjoy their wedding all day, thank you very much Christy & Nick gave us a lovely day for shooting! Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography Videographer: Wallace @ inHim Photography    

Jessie & Joseph – WEDDING DAY

A nice wedding for photographer – it means wedding’s rundown not too rush then we can have more space and time to design, to inspire and think, We need to thanks Jessie and Joseph let us feel free and we can play with them in their wedding! Enjoy! Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography Videographer: Wallace @ inHim Photography     

Tabi & Thomas – WEDDING DAY

Tabi and Thomas are my church-mates when we are young, they has run in front of me to get married :P, seems I need hurry 😀 ! They have a special ritual as Thomas family is Boat people which living on a boat before, so they had arranged many pretty ladies imitate wedding on boat, let’s enjoy! Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography Videographer: Wallace @ inHim Photography      

Jennifer & Rick – Family

Jennifer & Rick family, i’m so honored to be their photographer, it’s such a perfect day and they will back to Holland tomorrow, Hope they have a nice trip in Hong Kong!