Emily & Jerry – Pre Wedding

We met jerry at previous wedding when he is my client’s groomsmen, a special thing is, he and emily also are my husband’s chruchmate, I have joined their cell group after the shooting, so that’s why we can shooting like a friend! Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography

Ophei & Lance – Pre Wedding

We are so young to explore everything, to try something special and memorable moment, we were jump to taiwan this time. Ophei & Lance, as my wedding bouquet was made by Ophei, and we have our own business about Art. Thank you so much for these new idea and new places to create something new. Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography Videographer: Wallace @ inHim Photography MUA: Joeykaka’s Make up

Karen & Stephen – Pre Wedding

I would love to capture a natural moment in Pre wedding photo, just stand there, look at each other, finish! Karen & Stephen are really love to do that as they didn’t like to do many fake pose, so they find me to help them shooting with their pre wedding, enjoy! Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography

Wun & Danny – Pre Wedding

Wun & Danny, who can match with my style so much! they told me they wanna back to their own school and where they dated before when I have first meeting with them and sharing what they thought about the pre-wedding photos, they really do love the style which can telling the true of their love story, so please enjoy the final results: Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography

Jennifer & Ricky – Pre Wedding

Jennifer & Ricky, they have so many crazy idea then I ever met before :P. Jennifer told me that she was living in Sham Shui Po before and wanna go back to take pre wedding photos, such a GREAT IDEA and I can feel that they alway like laugh and positive! you gave me so many power, love your photos so much!! Photographer: Zoe Ho @ inHim Photography Assistant: Gary @ inHim Photography MUA: JoeyKaka’s Makeup